The Village Movement

A Village is a Collaborative Network with:

  • Community organizations and  agencies that serve seniors
  • Local vendors and service providers offering reduced rates to seniors
  • Health Care professionals
  • Hospitals  and agencies
  • Recreational and Social Organizations

What is “A Village?”     It’s a Neighborhood, and:

  • A network of volunteers providing assistance with day- to-day needs of neighbors
  • A coordinated effort to link local service providers
  • A self-governing organization with an affordable membership fee
  • Local community service providers offering reduced rates to Village members




Video of presentation by Cville Village at Charlottesville Chamber of Commerce Cville Village presentation  (September 2014)

Tedtalk by Judy Willett National Director,  Village to Village Network  TedxBoston with Judy Willett

Brian Williams and a piece he did for NBC Nightly News.  It Takes a Village: Seniors Thrive While Living at Home  (NBC Nightly News 01/24/14)

PBS video from August 2013 about the first village, the Beacon Hill Village in Boston. PBS NewsHour on the Beacon Hill Village  (PBS NewsHour 08/08/13)



An article from the Washington Post on the village movement in the Washington DC area.
Through a growing number of senior villages in the DC area aging in place becomes easier
(The Washington Post 02/06/14)

An article by Board Member Kay Slaughter that appeared in the Cville Weekly in December 2013.
Aging gracefully: A baby boomer’s take on getting older in Charlottesville
(C-ville Weekly, 12/12/13)

  1. David Benjamin

    The CvilleVillage in Charlotesville, VA is one of many such organizations around the U.S. and now around the world, that focuses volunteer efforts to insure that individuals have the option of aging at home (which most prefer) as opposed to going into an Assisted Living or Nursing home. Quite often their needs are simple but they are not able to carry out simple things that might enable them to stay at home. For example, many cannot drive but volunteers from Villages such as CvilleVillage provide transportation by volunteers to Dr. appointments, social events, shopping etc.

    CvilleVillage was formed to provide these simple tasks for those who can not do for themselves. The lives of those served “and” the lives of those volunteers who perform them are enhanced providing simple help and services that help people age at home where they prefer to stay/

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